Steven has authored many articles for Fine Woodworking Magazine. Two of them are available online:

Making cam clamps (Fine Woodworking #117)

Spline Joinery (Fine Woodworking #109)

Several others are available through Fine Woodworking back issues. These include:

Cherry Writing Desk   Fall 1995   Home Furniture Magazine

Solid Wood Edging for Plywood   February 1996   Fine Woodworking

Shopbuilt Thickness Sander   June 1986   Fine Woodworking

Steven’s work was also featured in Sunset Magazine, in an article about the remodel of the Watts home in Seattle. Featured are the painted kitchen and shoe bench created for them.

An article appeared in the Kitsap Sun about the rebuilding of his organ #8, destroyed by a freak truck accident. Another article appeared in the Seattle Times about the project: