Slab Vanity

This custom vanity was crafted from Yellow Cedar for a client whose only design request was ‘chunky’!

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Shoji Screens

These three shoji panels open to extend the bedroom into the living space. They are large doors, 46″ wide, so the total opening opens to eleven feet. I provided eight other shoji panels in this house, nearly all of which are visible from the main living area.

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Bar Hutch

This recent piece of furniture was commissioned by Josh of Neiderberger Contracting. He had designed a stunning hutch style cabinet to be mounted on a wall demarking the living space from the kitchen. It was to function as a wet bar, look like furniture, and command attention.

One of the challenges left to me was to incorporate a mini-fridge into the completed cabinet, with a wood door to match the one below the bar sink on the opposite side of the piece. That meant that all reveals would have to be uniform, and the little refrigerator would have to sit behind the scalloped toe kick. The kick then would have to be readily removable for future servicing of the fridge.

The upper portion of the hutch consists of three doors, made to accept leaded glass panels. Small fillets wrap around the piece above and below the doors, and a wide cove molding caps the whole thing at the top, where a beam and two differing ceiling heights required holding the top far enough below so as not to invite a visual conflict.

I enjoy this type of work, for the challenge and the uniqueness.

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Cloud Lift Cabinets

custom cherry cabinetStyled after Greene and Greeneā€™s cloud lift design, these Cherry cabinets were crafted from solid Cherry, with Ebony buttons locking the mortise and tenon joinery.

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